Успех вашего сайта зависит не только от SEO

Узнайте о том, что успех вашего сайта зависит не только от того, что вы направите все свои усилия на SEO. Вам понадобятся эти вспомогательные маркетинговые усилия.

Modern marketing practices put a great deal of weight on SEO. And while it certainly is important and powerful, your website’s success hinges on much more than just your SEO practices.

Website's Success

Other key factors to consider include:

  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Call-to-action optimization
  • Website forms/gated content
  • Email marketing
  • Lead scoring

Without supporting efforts, your website traffic from SEO won’t mean much. Sure, you’ll amass some impressive statistics, but it won’t mean much as far as generating new leads and business opportunities.

So how do these other activities support SEO? Here’s a look.


Perhaps one of the most important SEO supporting activities is blogging. Websites that have a blog tend to generate 55 percent more traffic than websites that do not. Search engines also like seeing websites that get updated regularly, which is another benefit of blogging. 

You can target new or long-tail keywords with blog content and show your in-depth knowledge of a topic.

Social Media

Social media supports SEO efforts by giving users a way to stay connected with you once they discover your company. You can share blog articles, images and other content to engage your followers.

Search engines like seeing companies that keep their social media pages up to date as well. 

Call-to-action Optimization

You can have the best website and incredible products and services but still struggle to see an impact from your website traffic if you have no calls to action on your website or weak calls to action.

The placement, the verbiage and the design all have an impact on whether a user decides to click. But so does the number of calls to action on a page. Too much clutter will make it challenging for your audience to sift through and find what matters. 

So while you’ve driven the customer to your website through your SEO work, you might never get them to take the next step because your website lacks the tools to grab the user’s attention. 

While 2 percent is an average click thru rate, top-performing websites see 3-5 times that conversion rate. To join those ranks, you’ll need to optimize your website for conversions though, which takes time, analysis and a deep understanding of your customer base. Conversion rate optimization can help you become one of those top-performing websites.

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Website Forms/Gated Content

Website forms should vary from mild interest levels to very interested. An example of the varying degrees of interest can include:

  • Email sign-up: mild interest where the customer just wants to stay in touch or wants to be notified about new blog content to stay in touch.
  • Whitepaper or other downloadable content: moderately interested and wanting to go more in-depth into the industry or topic that your website covers.
  • Contact us: at this point, the customer is likely pretty interested in what you’re offering and has come up with questions they’d like clarity on. 

But you can have a variety of other forms on your website. If you offer software, perhaps it’s scheduling a demo or putting a pre-recorded demo behind a form so you know who is watching it.

You should tailor your website forms to match your company and the lead funnels you’ve created based on the various phases of the customer buying journey.

Email Marketing

Website's Success

Email marketing is an essential part of building relationships with customers. So once you’ve driven website traffic with SEO and gotten a conversion through a form, what are you doing with those contacts?

The next step should not be a sales call. That’s more than likely too much for the customer unless the customer explicitly requested such a call. So you should put them into a workflow that sends emails that further introduce what you do and how you do it that makes you unique. 

Lead Scoring

Knowing where to put your efforts is important. Lead scoring helps inform who you should contact first and what kind of contact they need based on their interactions with your company. 

To do lead scoring, you’ll need to understand how valuable different interactions with your company are to assign a number to it. This is a more advanced marketing function and also requires access to a good marketing CRM with lead scoring capabilities. 

SEO provides businesses with great benefits. But to convert website visitors into prospects and then into customers, you’ll need several supporting marketing initiatives to make this a reality. If you’re looking to evaluate your marketing and fill in any gaps you have, contact New Light Digital. We’ll help you support SEO with effective marketing.

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