Digital Marketing Services Price List

Digital Marketing Services Price List – How Much Does It Cost in 2024

Find a digital marketing services price list that can help inform budgeting for 2024 while achieving your goals. See real prices for services.

Digital marketing services can range immensely in cost based on the project scope. When quoting services with various agencies and experts, ensure that you are outlining the project clearly so that the quotes are apples to apples.

One challenge with getting a price list for digital marketing is that companies come in all sizes and their audience responds to various tactics and strategies. And no two marketing tasks require the same time or advertising investment.

That means that digital marketing experts provide custom quotes to their clients based on scope and the customer’s goals. So before you start thinking about cost, start considering these answers to questions your expert might ask.

Building Scope for Your Digital Marketing Services

Initial conversations with consultants or agencies who provide marketing services will start with getting to know your organization and its goals. Some questions you should be prepared to answer include the following.

  • What are your goals? For example, if you’re requesting SEO services, you might outline where you are and where you hope to be with organic website traffic to meet your lead generation goals.
  • How many leads are you currently generating through that tactic? This helps provide a baseline, so the consultant knows how much growth your company is looking for to scale services accordingly. 
  • How fast are you looking to grow? The speed with which you hope to grow your business can be indicative of how quickly you need to launch campaigns or tactics.
  • What hasn’t worked for you? Learning where you’ve been and what you’ve tried can help the consultant build a program that helps you reach your goals.
  • How engaged is your email list? This can tell the consultant what they have to work with as far as supporting marketing channels to help reach your target audience.
  • What’s your budget? When you hear this question, you might feel you’re giving away you’re negotiating power if you answer. But the reality is, the consultant will outline how much time or how many hours they can devote to your project and what you can expect to experience based on that budget. Offering a range here can help reduce the amount of back and forth you go through to reach a favorable project agreement.

Digital Marketing Services Price List for 2024

Now that you know some factors that can play into the cost of services, here’s a look at some ranges you can expect to see as you start getting agency quotes for services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – $1,500 – $10,000 Per Month

SEO involves many steps and if you’re at the beginning of building your online presence, it likely includes hefty website revisions to get your website to a good place to begin welcoming website traffic effectively.

If an expert quotes you $500 and says you’ll be ranking for dozens of keywords within a few months, walk away. Many consultants will take your money for several months and do little to impact your results. They might even harm your website by adding spammy backlinks or terrible on-page strategies just to show you metrics that they’ve done something.

The reality is, SEO is a long game and one that can take 6-12 months to see any results from. You need a digital marketing team you trust that is transparent about what’s holding your website back and what they are doing to transform that.

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Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising – $2,500 – $10,000 Per Month

When running PPC ads, part of the expense is how much budget you’ll put toward the platform itself. So even without an expert, you’ll be spending a good deal of money on this tactic. Then you can add about 20% to the total budget for ad setup and ongoing management.

So if your budget for the tactic is $2,000 per month, you can plan to spend $2,400 to have a consultant or agency run the ads for you. 

Campaigns with too small of a budget are challenging to optimize as your consultant will share. That’s because there is so little data to know what’s working and what needs improvements. Tiny budgets with PPC are often where businesses go wrong and then they don’t know why the tactic doesn’t work for them.

Email Marketing – $250 – $5,000 Per Month

Many businesses don’t realize that email supports what they are doing in other places. Investing in good lead nurture series and regular, strategic communication with customers can make a big difference in the results you see from other tactics.

Digital Marketing Services Price List

For example, if you’re driving organic website traffic through SEO, you should also be thinking about what comes next. Most people don’t complete a purchase from an initial interaction. So you need a way to stay in touch and email provides that touchpoint. 

Paying for email marketing isn’t just about someone hitting send on a message. It requires careful strategy, attractive designs and convincing content that puts the customer first without pushing a sale.

Social Media Marketing – $1,000 – $20,000 Per Month

Social media is time-consuming. It requires great graphics, engaging videos and attention to comments and interactions to help you grow. Many businesses are surprised when they discover the price of this digital marketing service because they think you can just hire an intern and start seeing results.

Interns are great, but social media strategy is labor intensive, making it more expensive than you might think. And like SEO, it often requires some patience when it comes to building an audience and seeing business results.

Website Design – $1,500 – $100,000 One Time

Website complexity will greatly impact how much the site costs. You’ll also find a large difference in expense based on whether you’re using a template or having a complete custom design created for your brand.

The number of connections with outside tools, web pages, tools and expectations for functionality will also impact how much the project costs.

Just know that your website is the most important part of your marketing strategy. Everything you do for marketing points back to your website, which is why it is so crucial to your success. It isn’t an area where you want to skimp too much.

Cutting funding for website design could also mean you spend more on SEO later as an expert works to clean up your back-end SEO issues to help you rank.

Content Marketing – $500 – $10,000 Per Month

How many channels are you looking to tackle with your content marketing? Will you be publishing third-party blogs to earn quality backlinks to your website?

Answering these questions will help you realize how much content support you need to help you reach your goals. And if you’re not sure, your consultant can make recommendations based on your lead generation and SEO goals.

Content marketing supports many other tactics, including email, social media, SEO and lead generation. Getting a good copywriter on board can help you see results from your tactics and investments.

Getting a Quote for Digital Marketing Services

Ultimately, you won’t know the price for digital marketing services until you get a real quote from a trusted agency. Every business is unique and no blog post can tell you what it will cost to help you reach your goals. Request a quote from New Light Digital now.

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