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How Long-form Blogging Impacts Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

Companies looking for a content marketing strategy that boosts SEO should start long-form blogging. Learn why and start improving your website’s ranking.

Long-form blogging can help your website stand out and win SEO. It’s a content marketing strategy that not many companies employ, which leaves the door open for you to capitalize on it.

Many businesses write short, easy-to-read content. And while those posts definitely have their place in your content marketing strategy, don’t forget to showcase your expertise with long-form blog posts. Here are the five ways that long-form blogging impacts your SEO.

1. Showcases In-depth Knowledge of a Topic

Google’s E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) algorithms favor websites that can prove they have in-depth knowledge on a topic. Part of that comes from the content’s author but the depth of the content also has bearing.

It’s tempting to put all your long-form content behind a form to collect contact information as part of your email marketing strategy. And while having some lead magnets – such as whitepapers, exclusive videos, infographics, etc. – can benefit your business immensely, don’t forget to use some of that content to draw in your readers and please the search engines.

2. Employs Longtail Keywords for SEO

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Longtail keywords are more in-depth, wordy phrases that are highly specific. And because they are more specific, fewer websites are targeting them.

While you certainly can integrate longtail keywords into short-form blog posts, long-form posts tend to lend themselves even more to your SEO strategy. You have more space to integrate those longtail keywords into your writing.

Because they have less competition, it can be easier to rank for these keywords, though search volumes are generally lower as well.

3. Helps Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Another benefit of long-form SEO blogging is that it can help you avoid keyword stuffing, which search engines flag as suspicious and rank lower. This can be especially true if you have one main keyword you’re targeting for a post with a couple of other related keywords.

You want to ensure you spread out your keywords and avoid overuse for best SEO results. Long-form blogging gives you the space to do this while also informing visitors about your topic of expertise.

4. Makes Your Content Marketing Strategy Stand Out

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Take time to review your competitors and decide how your content marketing strategy will stand out from theirs. You don’t want to follow in their footsteps and cover the same topics as they are.

Instead, look for those opportunities to shine in niches they aren’t targeting. Long-form blogging that engages users could be what sets you apart from your competitors and helps you win in search engine results.

5. Gives the Reader Enough Information to Make a Purchase Decision

Have you ever landed on a website with sparse copy that just pushes you to make a buying decision constantly? These companies take no time to build relationships and give readers relevant information to make a buying decision. And if your bounce rates are high, you could be one of these companies.

Learn what problems your customers are trying to solve and why they purchase your products or services. Once you know this, you can create targeted long-form blog articles that answer their questions and aid them in a purchasing decision.

To discuss your SEO needs and how to build a content marketing strategy that works, contact us. New Light Digital is an SEO expert helping businesses rank organically.

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