What Is Marketing Automation and Why Does It Matter for Small Businesses

Learn what it takes to get started with marketing automation. Your small business could save time and money using marketing processes automation to engage your target audience.

Marketing automation allows you to reach customers at ideal times with a message tailored to them. Whether it’s email marketing or personalized website content, your marketing processes automation can open the door for you to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers.

When marketing automation software and tools were first available, they were unattainable for small businesses. Today, anyone can customize their marketing to engage visitors and deliver improved results for your customers.

And just like the name suggests, marketing automation can save you time and manual effort. Once you set up marketing campaigns, they’ll run in the background while you collect valuable analytics and data to adjust and optimize your campaigns for the best possible outcome.

What Is Marketing Automation for Small Businesses?

Marketing workflows automation takes what you know about your audience and uses that information to tailor a message to meet their needs. In general, your small business should be solving customer pain points or problems with your products and solutions.

Being able to speak directly to those pain points could help you convert that visitor into a customer.

Most small businesses serve more than one audience or persona though. For example, a carpet cleaning company might offer both residential and commercial cleaning. Appealing to homeowners will look quite different than appealing to building owners or business owners.

Automating marketing processes allows you to show content related to the audience member who is viewing your content to connect with them at a deeper level to drive higher conversion rates and better sales outcomes.

How Can Automated Marketing Processes Help Me Scale My Business?

marketing automation

Think for a moment about the manual marketing activities you do and how automation could help. For example, a salesperson might mark their calendar to follow-up with a prospect in a week, then 30 days, 60 days, etc. The time it takes to set up these emails to each customer manually is way more time than it takes to automate such messages.

Likewise, after a prospect visits your website and inputs their contact information, workflows automation can take everything you know about them to start delivering relevant content that helps them along the customer buying journey. You can set up touch points based on what you know about how long the buying journey takes for your product or service.

You can automate a variety of messages, from in-store pickup text message reminders, shipping notifications, abandoned cart reminders and many more messages that help guide your customers in their relationship with you.

Should I Consider a Marketing Automation Consultant?

The first step in activating marketing processes automation for your small business is to have a clear understanding of your audience. A marketing automation consultant can help you outline who your customers are and what drives them to purchase from you.

Armed with this information, your consultant can then set up the marketing messages through automation software that will customize your customers’ experience with you. From messages on your website to emails, text messages and more, the consultant will help you increase your sales and grow your small business. Contact New Light Digital for more information.

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