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Ranking #1 in Search Doesn’t Mean SEO Efforts End

SEO strategy does not end when your business ranks number one in search results. Learn why and how to protect your rankings with an ongoing strategy.

Reaching that coveted number one position in search engines is a monumental achievement. But your SEO efforts cannot end there.

Maintaining the number one rank means continuing your SEO efforts and building out a content marketing strategy that keeps you on top. If you don’t, one small change in the search engine algorithm or an adjustment from your competitors could mean you lose that number one spot you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

So no matter where you’re currently ranking and how confident you feel in holding that position, here are the reasons why you can’t rest your SEO efforts.

The Competition Can Change Their Strategy

Even with perfect planning and execution, no SEO strategy is perfect if you stop all efforts. That’s because your competitors are unlikely to stop their quest for that number one ranking.

So as they continue to publish new content, drive valuable traffic to their website and prove to the search engines that their website’s information delivers the solution for consumers’ queries, they could surpass you on page one results.

To stay in first place, you need to remind Google constantly why it ranks you so high. You need to prove that your content is delivering what customers need by keeping your time on page high and your bounce rate low. Otherwise, your time in position one will be short-lived.

Search Engine Algorithms Change

search engines ranking

If you’ve been following SEO for a few years or more, you’ve probably experienced the changes that can happen with a search engine’s algorithm change. It doesn’t take much to bump your results to a lower position on the search engine results page (SERP).

And if you aren’t paying attention and monitoring those rankings regularly, you might not know why your traffic suddenly drops off because you’ve lost a large part of your organic reach.

Follow search engine algorithm changes closely and monitor your results to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to tweak your SEO strategy in line with these algorithm updates.

Google Loves New Content

One of the factors that determines whether or not your website ranks well is how often you publish new content. Search engines like to see websites keep their content up to date. That tells the search engines that your website’s content is fresh and therefore more likely to deliver the answers their users are seeking with their queries.

If you stop publishing new content when you reach page one, Google will notice and penalize you for the change. Maintain your content calendar even once you reach the ranking location you are hoping for.

New Light Digital offers ongoing SEO strategy. We’ll monitor your website’s ranking, traffic and in-depth data to create a plan of action that helps you rank well and keep that ranking long term. Request a free quote to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help you reach that coveted position one ranking.

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