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How to Sell to Customers Who Are Just Too Busy

Whether your customer is a busy business owner or a swamped single mom, here are some simple sales tips to keep them happy.

Busy customers are hard to please. They don’t have much time to learn about your business or how you can benefit them. On top of this, they can get impatient or frustrated when their time is wasted. Fortunately, the secret to pleasing busy customers is just a little patience, planning, and empathy on your end. Whether your customer is a busy business owner or a swamped single mom, here are some simple sales tips to keep them happy.

Cater Your Website to Busy People

E-commerce and B2B business websites should be built on the idea that every site visitor has very little time on their hands. As soon as visitors land on your site, they need to know exactly how your product or service can benefit them. If visitors have to use their valuable time to find out what you’re selling, they’ll likely leave your site and never return. So, design your website with straightforward navigation and concise copy!

It’s also critical that your website loads quickly. Neil Patel explains many customers—especially people browsing on a mobile device—will not wait longer than 3 seconds for a website to load.

Choosing the right type of web hosting is essential for speed. A shared web hosting plan from a big company like DreamHost is okay, but remember that they will not be fast. Get in touch with us for a recommendation on the appropriate hosting for your business and niche.

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Be Easy to Contact

Busy people don’t have time to peruse the FAQ page on your site for answers. If they have a question, they need to be able to contact you about it. Make it effortless for website visitors to get in touch. WPForms recommends putting a contact form on your site so visitors can send you a message without opening their email.

Additionally, provide a phone number or an instant-chat option so that customers can get in touch immediately. In this case, you may want to employ customer service representatives to answer questions at all hours. It’s also important that customer emails are answered within a couple of hours.

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Don’t Overcomplicate Communication

Straightforward, to-the-point communication is essential when dealing with clients or customers who are short on time. Who has time to read bulky emails or listen to a 10-minute sales pitch, anyway? Kayoko recommends structuring your emails with bullet points, bolded words or phrases, and extra space between paragraphs. You may want to include a concise summary at the top of the email in case your receiver doesn’t have time to read the whole thing.

Always close out your communication by discussing next steps so you’re not forgotten in your customer’s busy life.

If you’re cold calling clients on the phone, be prepared with some responses to the “I’m too busy” brush-off. Instead of ending the call and trying to get in touch later, ask your potential client if they have just a minute to answer a quick question or hear about your offer in a nutshell. Then, if they’re interested, schedule a call for a more convenient time.

Cover Security Concerns

For entrepreneurs, handling legal issues can be very stressful. After all, growing your company, going above and beyond for your customers, and improving your own skills are your top priorities – getting bogged down by legal problems can damage your business. The solution? Setting up a safety net for your company. A good first step is simply forming an LLC for your business in your state.

LLC means limited liability company, and, just like it sounds, it limits your personal liability if you should ever get sued. While an LLC doesn’t directly benefit your customers, it could help you stay in business—a long-term benefit for everyone concerned. Remember that if you’re forming an LLC in New York, you’ll need to appoint a registered agent to receive company documents and time-sensitive paperwork.

Furthermore, you might be wondering how to protect your company’s data and keep your customer’s private information safe. Investing in cybersecurity is the answer! This will prevent hackers from successfully targeting your business, and your shoppers can put their money and their data safely in your hands.

Pleasing busy customers isn’t much more difficult than pleasing a regular customer—we’re all busy, after all! No matter who you’re trying to sell to, make it clear why they should give you their time. Keep communication simple and snappy, and when in doubt, acknowledge that your customer is busy, and give them some space.

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