New Website in 2024
Choosing the Right Platform for Your New Website in 2024

Before starting your website development, choose the right platform for your new website in 2024. Here are the top considerations for you.

Multilingual Website in WordPress
How to Build a Multilingual Website in WordPress

Learn how to build a multilingual website in WordPress and why you would consider offering your website in various languages.

redirecting users to different translations
Redirecting Users to Different Translations Based on Geolocation

Find step-by-step directions for redirecting users to different translations of your website based on their geolocation. It only takes a few steps.

Google Presence
Google Presence: Diagnosing Why Your Site Is Missing from Search Results

Not showing up on Google search results? Here’s how to evaluate your Google presence and find solutions that help improve organic traffic.

Lead Generation in B2B vs. B2C
Lead Generation in B2B vs. B2C: Strategies for Both Business Models

Learn lead generation strategies for B2B vs. B2C business models. Here are the similarities and differences, and also tips for reaching them.

Planning Your New Website
Planning Your New Website: 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Online Launch

Follow these 10 steps to ensure your online launch results in new leads and sales.

Site Speed and User Experience
Site Speed and User Experience: How Performance Affects Google Ranking

Learn the close connections among site speed, user experience and Google rankings. See how to improve your site speed to see better results.

Businesses Are Increasing Their Marketing Budgets
Why Businesses Are Increasing Their Marketing Budgets in 2024 (And How They’re Planning to Spend Them)

Here’s why businesses are increasing their marketing budgets for 2024. See a breakdown of where and why they’ll invest.

Ad Extensions: Enhancing Ad Visibility and Engagement in Paid Advertising

Learn the benefits ad extensions can provide alongside the 14 types of ad extensions available within Google Ads. Get started now.

Budget Management for Paid Ads
Budget Management for Paid Ads: How to Optimize Spending and Results

Paid ads require a watchful eye to optimize spending and ensure the best results. See how to get the most from your paid ad campaigns.

Dynamic Ads
Dynamic Ads: Personalizing Campaigns for Higher Conversions

Get more from your ad campaigns with dynamic ads. Learn the benefits these ads provide as well as tips for ensuring high ROI.

PPC Display Ads
PPC vs. Display Ads: Choosing the Right Paid Advertising Approach

Considering PPC vs. display ads for your business? Here’s how to pick the right approach based on your goals and desired outcomes.


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