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Hire New Light Digital to increase your conversions and lower your costs on Google Ads and Facebook.

Attract Visitors and Convert them into Leads

We deliver qualified leads from ads at the lowest cost possible.

We craft our PPC campaigns to deliver the best possible results. We use a cutting-edge, tested method to build our pay-per-click management campaigns. This method revolves round better understanding web users, segmented into appropriate audiences.

We have vast experience building and managing PPC campaigns across various industries worldwide. This allows us to create campaigns that actually attract and convert.

Convert Even Those Who Left You

Our powerful retargeting campaigns will bring them back.

Appeal to prospective buyers who were not ready to convert the first time they visited your site. Custom audiences help us identify visitors who did not convert on your landing page after clicking an ad.

We then use carefully crafted retargeting campaigns to remind them why they considered buying from you in the first place. It is a second chance to get your unique value proposition across, and improve your conversion rate.

Get the best return on investment from your ad budget.

Comprehensive Pay-Per-Click Services

Discovery Session
We learn about you, your past experience with PPC, and your current expectations.
Strategy Development
We craft a strategy for your campaign, focusing on keywords, landing pages, and ROI.
Content Creation
We build your ads, creative, and landing pages with your target audience in mind.
Campaign Launch
We launch your PPC ads on all fronts, ensuring brand cohesiveness.
You get a meaningful monthly report that shows you at-a-glance how your ads are performing.
Ad Management
Our experts monitor ad performance and make adjustments to deliver the best possible results.

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A Certified TeamA Certified Team

Real Credentials and Experience

We are up to speed with the latest best practices in the ever changing world of digital marketing and design.
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