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Can Paid Ads Improve Customer Loyalty? Yes, We’ll Show You How

Wondering how to increase customer loyalty? You’ve probably never considered paid ads, but this strategy can prove to be extremely effective. Here’s why.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any business. Yet so much time and effort go into acquiring new customers through paid campaigns.

What you might never have considered is that paid campaigns can be a great way to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits. 

Repeat customers spend 67 percent more on your business. And, they’re much more likely to purchase a new product or service from you when you introduce something new.

Clearly, retaining existing customers and finding ways to make them even more loyal to your business is worth the effort.

We’ll explain the importance of customer loyalty and showcase ways paid ads can help you build better relationships with your customers.

Benefits of Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is critical for long-term success. You can’t be refreshing your entire client base annually. Instead, look to existing customers to ensure they’re happy and appreciate what you’re offering.

Here are some of the benefits of increased customer loyalty.

  • Decreased marketing costs: it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. You’ll save big on marketing expenses when you focus some of your efforts on customer loyalty.
  • Increased word-of-mouth advertising: your online and offline reputation are worth a great deal. People are more likely to try a new product or service from a company that a friend or family member recommends. The more trusted and respected your brand is, the more word-of-mouth advertising you’ll get.
  • Increased sales: loyal customers spend more money with you throughout their time as your customer. Once you know and understand your client, you can tailor content just for them that helps them convert on new products or services.

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Tips for Building Customer Loyalty Using Paid Ads

Customers who already know your company and appreciate your products are more likely to convert than those who don’t know your company at all. Foster good relationships with your customers to improve their loyalty. 

So if you have contact information for your customers, why would you want to use paid ads? The main reason is that you need to meet the customer where they want to be found. 

Customers may or may not follow you on your social media platforms. You can change that with well-placed social media ads. 

Sending marketing emails and direct mail is one-sided, meaning there isn’t a great opportunity for your customers to interact with you and provide real-time feedback. 

Social media is quite the opposite. It’s a two-way communication channel that invites users to connect with you on a deeper level.

So paid ads that turn casual customers into loyal followers who stay in close touch with your business are well worth it.

Now that you’re reaching your customers with a new channel using paid ads, you need to consider the ad copy. Ad copy for existing customers should be genuine and transparent. Don’t oversell the product or make use cases that the product can’t really fulfill. 

In your ad copy, look to connect on a deeper level with your customers. This might mean a much friendlier tone than in prospecting messages. It might include casual gifs.

Imagine the difference in language that you might use between someone you just met and someone you’ve known for years. That’s kind of like how marketing to entice prospects versus existing customers works. 

Finally, it’s important that marketing to existing customers shows appreciation for them. Offer special deals and discounts just for them because you appreciate their loyalty. Give them perks for referring a friend to your business. 

Show them that they matter and that you don’t want them looking elsewhere for what you have to offer.

Building a Successful Paid Ad Strategy

If you’re unsure of how to get started with paid ads, New Light Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that can guide you in building an effective strategy. We can explain how paid ads fit into your overall online strategy and offer guidance on the difference between prospecting and building loyal customers using paid ads.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our agency and how we can help you retain more customers through paid ads.

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