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Do Construction Companies Really Need Web Design?

Is it time for a website for your construction company? Check out the many benefits websites provide for construction companies and why you need a professional web design.

An industry that has been slow to adopt online marketing is construction. Many construction companies operate using a Facebook business page as their online presence.

But as you look to showcase your business, earn project bids and succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, a website is becoming increasingly important.

To get a return on investment from setting up a website, professional web design is so important for construction companies. A professional website designer knows how to format a website targeted at lead generation and conversion.

Here are the reasons construction companies need a professional web design.

1. Websites Legitimize Your Business

A website legitimizes your business and tells your customers that you are open for business. With a website, you can control the information about your company online.

Without a website, many customers have a tough time trusting your business. According to a consumer survey, 56 percent of consumers won’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website.

2. Businesses Attract New Customers

Before making a purchase, 81 percent of consumers complete online research. While they might visit your Facebook business page or listing on your local Chamber of Commerce, a company website offers greater detail.

And, a company website has a clear way to get in contact with you, business hours for when you’re in the office and a look at your previous work to instill confidence in consumers.

3. Answer Commonly Asked Questions

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Having a website could actually save you time because you can answer commonly asked questions, such as how long a project will take, a cost estimate and so much more.

You can also connect customers with additional contacts, such as their municipality that issues permits or a trusted architect partner. This way, you field fewer calls and emails about these topics.

4. Highlight Your Work

Using a web designer, you can create a stunning website design that highlights your work. Proof of past work is really helpful in getting new customers interested in your work and partnering with you.

Whether you focus on residential or commercial construction, showcasing the work that you do is important, and a website allows you to make this look professional and like something your customers would want.

On your website, you can also position your brand how you want by using specific language to highlight your company.

5. Collect Leads for New Prospects

One of the most important functions of a website is to collect leads from website visitors. Talk to your web designer about ways to entice website visitors to share their email address with you.

That way, you can stay in contact with interested customers and follow-up to see if they have any questions about your business or their construction project.

Hiring a Web Designer for a Construction Company

Now that you know you need a website for your construction company, it’s time to find a web designer who can make it a reality. New Light Digital offers professional web design for a variety of businesses. Get a quote to learn more about how we can help.

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