Lead Generation Tactics

Lead Generation Tactics: Turning Clicks into Conversions

Learn how to generate more leads with your website by encouraging visitors to take the next step with your company. These 5 tactics work.

When your website experiences strong traffic and engagement but few conversions, you need to evaluate your lead generation tactics. Getting clicks is just one part of a website strategy. You have to consider how you get to know your visitors and encourage next steps with your company.

Find practical tips for turning clicks into conversions with better lead generation tactics on your website.

Lead Generation Tactics

Setting up a website with customer-centric content is just the first step in making it a profit center. The next step is considering how you get users to take the next step. 

First, let’s cover what a conversion is. Each company will have varying definitions based on their goals. Here’s a look at what a conversion might be for your company.

  • Completing a contact us form
  • Ordering a product
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Joining an email list
  • Downloading an ebook
  • Clicking an affiliate link
  • Going from a free user profile to a paid one
  • Adding a product feature (for existing customers)

With a better understanding of what a lead conversion is, here’s a look at the most successful lead generation strategies.

1. Case Studies

Showcasing how your work or product helped change the life of a customer is very impactful. It helps the reader put themselves in that scenario and envision that they are the subject of the case study.

This helps you showcase how you solve customer pain points and transform their lives. Building these can be time-consuming though because it requires that you interview the client or work with the sales rep to capture the story.

2. Develop a Customer-centric Content Marketing Plan

Having a website with product pages and information about what you offer is one thing. But offering helpful articles and information that will resonate with the customer and help them find you is essential. This will help you generate traffic from customers at a point when they realize they need your services. 

SEO research can help you find terms and ways customers seek information related to your business. Then you can build out content from there and consider the best conversion tactic related to that content type.

3. Build Effective Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to entice the next step with your business. And you’ll get to know who your website visitors are so you can follow up with them and work toward enticing a purchase.

A lead magnet is a tactic where you place content behind a form. That way, the user must input their information before viewing the content. Some content types that work well as lead magnets include:

  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • eBooks
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Videos

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4. Ensure Every Webpage has a Conversion Opportunity

Go through your website page-by-page to look for conversion opportunities. Make sure every page has one, even if it’s as simple as signing up for emails. You want your website visitors to have an invitation to take the next step with your company. 

Don’t go crazy with conversion opportunities or your visitor won’t know where to look or what you ideally want them to do. Be specific and tie the conversion to the content on that page. 

For example, product pages naturally have a good opportunity for a purchase conversion. And blog content has a natural conversion opportunity to download a more in-depth piece of content on the subject or sign up to receive notifications of new content just like that piece. 

5. Film Quality Videos

Whether it’s an on-demand demo or detailed how-to, videos are enticing content pieces that encourage clicks. Across all age groups, video is one of the leading content types that people say they enjoy seeing from a brand. It’s no surprise that video marketing is the fastest-growing digital advertising tactic

How to Measure Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Measuring your website’s conversion rates will tell you how you’re doing year-to-year, quarter-to-quarter and even month-to-month. Follow these important website metrics to see what’s working best and where you have room for improvement.

1. Bounce Rate

When a user lands on your website and quickly leaves, they will be considered a bounce. Ideally, you want them to visit multiple pages and peruse your site or take the action you’ve outlined as a conversion.

Bounce rates vary by industry and business type, but generally, a good bounce rate is between 25 and 40 percent. Watch how your bounce rate changes with different tactics and get granular to check for webpages with the highest bounce rate. These pages might be lacking strong calls to action or a call to action in general.

2. Lead Conversion Rate

This metric will involve tracking more than just website stats. A CRM will help immensely in following the lead through to conversion. You’ll see how different follow-up tactics or cadences impact your conversion rates. You might also see trends in conversion rates based on the webpage the lead came from.

To find your conversion rate, divide your conversions by your total number of leads. You’ll then multiply that times 100 to find the percentage. For example, if you convert 10 out of 50 leads, you’ll have a 20 percent conversion rate. 

3. Conversion Rate by Traffic Source

Tracking this metric will help you see how changing tactics and content help generate leads and how valuable those leads are. Within your CRM, you should associate a lead source with each lead to track tactics with the highest conversion rates. Generating a lead is one thing but tracking conversion rates will tell you the value of each lead so you know where to invest your time and advertising dollars.

What Comes After Generating the Lead?

As you consider the best lead generation tactics for your website, take it one step further to build a lead nurture process. Once again, what this looks like will vary based on your business, goals and attributes. But some lead nurturing tactics include the following.

  • An email series
  • Text messages
  • Phone call with a sales rep
  • Personalized product demo (generally for digital products)
  • Regular reminders to the customer to take the next step. Don’t discontinue these in the first days or weeks after the lead. 

Turning Your Website Into Your Best Sales Agent

When you have your website set up correctly with enticing content and offers that visitors can’t turn down, you’ll make your website your best sales agent. It will take time and effort to review your website regularly and follow the stats to learn whether your tactics are working. But it’s time well spent.

Enlist a team of experts to help you get the most from your website and convert more website visitors into leads and more leads into paying customers. Schedule a free consultation with New Light Digital now to take the next step in earning more business from your website.

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