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Social Media Marketing for Architects

Looking to gain greater awareness for your services? Social media marketing for architects is a great way to showcase your work and bring in new business. Get tips for social media success.

Architects are a type of artist whose canvas is a building. Because the work that you do is visual, social media marketing for architects can be a highly effective way to expand your network and build awareness for your services.

Social media allows architects to get in front of hundreds of thousands of local contacts. And because photos, videos and gifs are presented so well on social media, it’s an excellent way to show your work and build new relationships.

But monitoring social media accounts can become a tedious task for architects. Using this marketing tactic effectively is important to make the time worthwhile.

We offer tips for social media marketing for architects to help you get established and make the most of your online promotions and activities.

1. Be Selective in Your Social Channels

You don’t need to be on every social media platform out there. In fact, it’s best to be ultra-selective when it comes to choosing where to highlight your business.

The first step in deciding which social media channels you should be on is to evaluate your audience.

Some architects focus on residential properties, while others focus on businesses. You might even focus your business within a specific industry where you have unique expertise.

Once you’ve outlined your target audience, you’re ready to start researching the social media platforms that fit that audience. Sprout Social offers a nice guide to social media platforms based on demographics.

Set up an account on the platforms that make sense for your business based on your target audience.

2. Create Unique Content Showcasing Your Work

architect social media

Now that you have your social channels established, it’s time to create a content plan for each social media channel. It’s so important that you create unique content that also showcases the work that you do.

Your finished products make for stunning visual content for your social media channels. Some content types to consider for architects include:

  • Before and after photographs for renovations, additions or new wings that you design
  • In-process photos or time-lapse videos of a project
  • Meeting with customers to fine-tune plans before construction begins
  • How architecture plans take shape
  • Guides to working with an architect
  • Finished products once construction concludes on a project

3. Run Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Now that you’ve established a content marketing plan to keep your social media channels fresh with quality content, you are ready to run social media marketing campaigns that build your following and increase awareness for your services.

Be super-specific and targeted with your social media campaigns. You want to make sure you’re reaching your target audience with your campaign to ensure you get a good return on investment on your advertising money.

4. Review Analytics Regularly to Learn What Works

architect social media

Each architect will experience different results with social media. You have your own style and way of doing things, which will affect the results of your campaign. As such, your results will be different from another architect right down the street from you.

Take time to review your analytics regularly to keep a close eye on what works best for you. You might find that one social media platform has a much greater ROI than another. Put more advertising dollars toward that platform to maximize your outcomes.

You might also find that different types of content perform best on different platforms. These are good insights to help drive more leads and conversions with your social media profiles. Post more content that matches these successful posts to take full advantage of these insights.

Social Media Marketing for Architects

If you need help with your social media marketing, New Light Digital offers social media marketing for architects. We understand the unique needs of your industry and are prepared to help you succeed with your online presence.

Request a quote to learn more about our social media marketing services.

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