How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Blogs

Want to get the most out of your blogs? Follow this promotion strategy to attract more readers and build relationships with customers.

You put time and effort into your blogs. But are they doing everything they can to build your brand, increase your website traffic and bring in high-quality leads to your business?

Simply writing blogs and publishing them on your website is not enough. To get the most out of your blogs, you must create a promotional and distribution strategy that gets your blog in front of more readers. 

Blog Promotion Strategy

Once you have set a strong publication calendar, you’re ready to start building a blog promotion strategy. It’s important that you stay consistent with blogging or you’ll always be wondering why you aren’t getting more out of the time you put into your blog strategy.

So before you put time into promoting your blogs, set a realistic content calendar that you can commit to. Consistency is key. And once you have consistency down, you can begin using this blog promotion strategy.

Blog Promotion Strategy

1. Create High-Quality Content

Before all else, you need to ensure your blogs are worth promoting. If they aren’t high-quality content, it won’t matter how much time or money you put behind promoting them, the content simply won’t resonate with your audience.

Take time to learn what your target audience cares about and what drives them. Research keywords related to that content and make sure your content is SEO-friendly.

In today’s content-heavy marketplace, it’s better to write deeper, richer content less often than publish regular, short blogs. Take time to develop this deep content to stand out on search engines and hold your readers on the page long enough to elicit a response from them.

2. Develop Strong Visuals to Accompany Your Content

Images help consumers connect with content. And the image will likely be the first thing the customer sees when viewing your blog promotions. 

Only 10 percent of consumers remember written words from the information they consume. But an astounding 65 percent remember visuals. That’s why your blog’s visuals are essential to building a winning promotional strategy. 

3. Share Your Content on Social Media

Most brands share their content on social media when they first publish it, which is good, but resharing that content regularly will help you get the most from each blog article. 

Write posts that are strategically designed for each social media platform instead of blanketing all platforms with the same content. Putting time into this area of your strategy will help you get the most from this practice.

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4. Send Out Your Blogs to Your Email List

Distribute your blogs to your email list when you publish them. But you can also include related content below new blogs that bring back older content. This helps new subscribers discover old content and will continuously drive readership on your articles to keep them relevant.

5. Build Strategic Links Between Blogs and Webpages

Interlinking your blogs will help search engines understand the relationship between content. But it will also help consumers learn more about past articles and understand how they relate.

Linking can help bring new traffic to your existing blog posts while enhancing your SEO strategies.

6. Create Collaborations with Non-competing Brands

Look for brands that have a similar target audience to yours but non-competing products or services. Then develop collaborations with them. 

This should help bring valuable traffic and new followers to both your brand and the collaborating brand. It’s a win-win that requires no advertising dollars.

7. Review and Reuse Old Content

What’s old can become new again when you review and reuse old content. You’ll take full advantage of the SEO equity you’ve built within an article but refresh it to make it relevant to today’s standards and audience needs.

Creating a good blog distribution strategy can help you get the most out of your blogs. New Light Digital is poised to help you do this through strategic steps to drive more leads from each piece of content you develop. Schedule your free consultation now to learn more about our content marketing strategies.

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