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How to Use Email Reactivation Campaigns

Learn everything you need to know about email reactivation campaigns. We explain what these are and how to do them well to reap the benefits.

Email marketing can be extremely impactful. But if you aren’t seeing results with your current email marketing list, it might be time for an email reactivation campaign. 

Email lists are great, but they also require effort. You can’t just create the list and leave it. Instead, you need to find new and creative ways to engage this audience.

If you aren’t getting the results you’ve been hoping for, it might be time for an email reactivation campaign. We’ll explain what that is and how to do it effectively.

What Is an Email Reactivation Campaign?

Reactivation campaigns help you earn revenue from dormant individuals on your email marketing lists. But they also play another crucial role in aiding you in pruning your list to remove its deadweight.

A reactivation campaign consists of a series of several emails that use various tactics to encourage the recipient to take action. 

You’ll start by selecting a timeframe for how long it’s been since you’ve had any interaction with these customers. Some of our clients choose 6 months, others 9 months and still others a few years. It all depends on what the lifecycle of your customer journey looks like and how often you would expect to see repeat purchases with your customer. 

For example, a company that sells clothing would expect to see repeat customers far more quickly than a realtor would.  

Once you’ve built this list, you’ll develop emails that target that user’s interests and end with a call to action. And if they take that action, these contacts move back to your active list of customers for further engagement.

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Benefits of Email Reactivation Campaigns

You’ll see many great benefits from this simple activity. Here’s a look at what to expect from email reactivation campaigns.

  1. Better email deliverability. Reducing the total number of contacts you’re emailing generally results in better deliverability. That’s because the email domains that you’re sending to (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) see the targeted approach of your email and are more likely to allow it into the person’s inbox due to assigning it a lower spam score.
  2. Lower customer acquisition costs. Reconnecting with an existing contact costs far less than going out to find a new customer. That means that when you look at the contacts you already have instead of going out to find new ones, you’ll spend less money to earn money, which will have significant impacts on your bottom line.
  3. Getting inactive customers to show interest in your company. Sometimes customers go inactive because they haven’t seen the right offer from you yet. But by engaging these users with a reactivation campaign, you’re sending them the exact message they need to see when they need to see it. It can do wonders for getting them to raise their hand and show interest.
  4. Save money on email marketing expenses. Email marketing services charge based on the size of your contact list. If you decrease the total size of your list, you’ll pay less, which means more money in your bottom line. And no one wants to be paying for contacts from whom they most likely won’t earn a sale. It’s better to remove inactive email recipients after giving your best effort to engage them.

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Generating Business Growth Through Email Reactivation Campaigns

Some email recipients will begin interacting with your company again after an email reactivation campaign. Others will make a purchase. With minimal effort and investment, you can generate valuable business growth for your organization.

Using the resources you already have available to you beats spending money on marketing initiatives that may or may not bring in significant new leads. Put your efforts where they’ll have the most significant impact on your bottom line by starting with the contacts you already have.

For a full email marketing strategy, including email reactivation campaigns for dormant contacts, contact New Light Digital. We’ve helped many organizations experience greater benefit from their email marketing efforts with well-executed strategies.

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