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How to Use Landing Pages to Improve Email Marketing Performance

Landing pages can improve your email marketing conversion rates to help you get more out of your campaigns. Learn our top 10 tips.

Email marketing offers an opportunity to grab the user’s attention with compelling subject lines and attractive content. But getting customers to open and read your emails is just the first step.

Once they are in the content, you need them to take the next step by clicking out to your website.  

The challenge is that websites are generically targeted to a variety of users, from those who get to it from a search engine to people who hear about your company from a friend and type in the URL.

To improve email marketing conversion rates, you need attractive and streamlined landing pages that nudge a prospect into becoming a customer.

Landing pages help you create highly targeted and relevant experiences based on segments of your audience. And, landing pages can be focused on specific content related to the emails you send.

We offer 10 tips on how to use landing pages to improve your email marketing performance and increase your conversion rates.

1. Start with Compelling Headlines

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Your headlines must draw in the reader in.

The headline on your landing page is likely the first thing your consumer will see. This content must be compelling and connect with your consumers on a deep level.

Consider why consumers are seeking out the types of solutions that you offer. What are their biggest barriers to making a purchase and how can you eliminate those barriers right away?

Building an emotional hook into your content can help you draw in the reader and begin building a relationship with them.

So in those 3-7 words you have to write a headline, choose your words carefully.

2. Simple is Better

One of the great benefits of using a landing page is that it allows you to simplify your offering into a to-the-point product summary. 

Don’t crowd the page with every product and service you offer. Instead, focus it on your email content and the segment of your audience who is receiving the email. Less is always more in these cases.

And while you’re simplifying the content, make sure the design of the page is also simple. You want it to look great and provide an easy browsing experience from any device.

3. Build Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

email marketing performance
Use a bold and clear call to action, to entice users to contact you immediately.

One of the most important elements of your landing page is its call to action (CTA). Sometimes companies get so focused on conversions from a landing page, that they clutter it with too many CTAs. Then the visitor gets overwhelmed and confused about what really matters on the page and what step they should take next.

Create one bold call to action. And when designing your buttons and text, make them actionable and tell the viewer what they’ll get when they click the CTA.

4. Guide the User Through the Page with Great Design

Design principles can help you guide the page visitor’s eyes down the content to consume the relevant information. Pages that have hard stops or large calls to action too soon might keep the consumer from scrolling through the relevant information.

You want to build upon the information as the consumer scrolls and use design elements that connect one content section to the next to draw the reader down the page.

5. Make Sure Your Content is Mobile First

Mobile email clients are the top way that users read their email at 41.9 percent. That means that mobile-first design is essential to winning email marketing landing pages.

Most web pages today format well on mobile devices. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re creating mobile-first pages. Just because the page stacks and scales well on mobile doesn’t mean it is mobile-first.

For example, large headlines that wrap text onto several lines will be challenging for mobile users to read. And the chunkier the text is, the less likely your visitor will be to continue scrolling.

Put your greatest effort and testing into mobile users to see the best results for your email marketing landing pages.

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6. Send Emails to Audience Segments

One of the greatest strengths of email as a marketing tactic is that it’s so easy to target segments of your audience. And because of that, you can create highly targeted landing pages that speak directly to these segments of your audience.

If you’re sending emails to your entire database, you aren’t using modern email marketing strategies. You’re just blasting emails to check that tactic off your marketing to-do list.

The more segmented your emails are, the easier it will be for you to experience high conversion rates for your email campaigns.

7. Use Personalization

Generic emails are dead. Today, the experience is highly personalized to match the needs of the individual receiving the email. You can’t just fill in generic information, such as addressing the email to a customer. 

Instead, use the person’s first name to build a one-on-one relationship with them. And add in targeted areas of the email where you show that you really understand the customer’s interests. 

Personalization has gone far beyond just inserting the customer’s name. Now you can add relevant products based on purchase history to create a truly one-on-one experience for each customer.

8. Don’t Forget Quotes and Customer Experiences

You can say how great you are constantly, but it isn’t nearly as effective as customers saying how great you are. 

When designing your landing pages, include social proof. Visitors want to hear from other consumers just like them. Testimonials and reviews from actual customers can help website visitors take the next step. 

And when using testimonials or quotes, include a verifiable source that shows these are real quotes. One way of doing that is embedding Google reviews into your landing page instead of just copying and pasting the text from the review. This adds credibility to the claims.

9. Make Sure You Have the User’s Consent to Email Them

Purchasing email distribution lists or finding email addresses and adding them to your database is no longer acceptable. 

User consent is essential in today’s email marketing. Without consent, it won’t matter how great your email marketing landing pages are, you likely won’t build a relationship with the consumer. That’s because you started on the wrong foot and likely upset the customer.

Be sure that the individuals you’re emailing are people who have opted in to receive your mailings.

10. Review Website Analytics

Analytics can inform your decision-making to showcase what works best to connect with your target audience. Look at what calls to action on your website receive the greatest click-through rates and conversions.

Learn from past email marketing campaigns and landing pages to adapt your strategy to improve. Don’t keep sending the same email campaigns that aren’t working. You have to adjust and adapt to see the greatest benefits.

Email Marketing Support and Strategy

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