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The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Instagram

Today’s marketing requires cohesion among efforts. Learn how to connect your WordPress website and Instagram using a plugin. We overview the 6 best tools for the job.

Instagram continues to grow in popularity as a social media channel. On average, users spend 30 minutes per day on the platform, making it a valuable place to meet prospects and interact with customers.

Connecting this interactive platform with your WordPress website can help you further engage with your target audience. Learn how to bring together your social media presence with your website to build powerful integrations to share photos, learn about hashtags and more. 

Because Instagram is such a growing force in marketing, there are several WordPress plugins for Instagram. Here’s a look at several and the purposes that they serve.

1. Spotlight

You’ll get four valuable features from the Spotlight plugin all for free.

  1. Buttons for visitors to follow and like your Instagram page
  2. The ability to connect multiple Instagram accounts
  3. Display posts from Instagram
  4. Choose where to show Instagram posts

Users can easily customize this plugin to match the design of their website, which makes it an attractive option for sharing social media content with your website visitors.

2. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

This plugin features the same four core functions as Spotlight. But it also allows your users to view your Instagram feed as far back as they want using the load more button.

The Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin for Instagram is also notable for its outstanding responsiveness. No matter the device that your website visitors use to access your site, they’ll have a great experience interacting with your social content.

3. Feed Them Social

Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages to your WordPress website using the Feed Them Social plugin. Customize the layout to match your needs. You can choose to show your Instagram feed or a specific post that you’d like to highlight. 

You’ll also have all the same four core functionalities of the Spotlight plugin to power your social media and website integration.

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4. Enjoy Social Feed

Highlight your social media photos on your website in a big way. Add a carousel or photo grid using the Enjoy Social Feed WordPress plugin.

Source images using hashtags if you want to showcase images based on a topic instead of just your feed. And if you don’t update your Instagram feed regularly, it’s nice to be able to pull in new content from other sources sometimes.

5. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

Use images from your Instagram feed but hide your profile photo and caption to create a more sleek look. This plugin does cost $17 but can provide a minimalist look to your website. 

You’ll have tons of options as to how to format your images from Instagram to create the look you want.

6. Intagrate

Transform your Instagram posts into blog articles automatically with the Intagrate plugin. If you’re an influencer or blogger, you’ll save precious time in duplicating your posts into blogs. 

Select the Instagram posts you want to highlight on your website and enjoy the convenience of it coming right over onto your blog.

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