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WordPress Plugins for Showcasing Images, Videos and Audio

Multimedia – including images, video and audio – can help bring your business to life. Here’s a look at the best WordPress plugins to facilitate this website functionality.

Showcasing images, video and audio can explain what your organization does and how it benefits your customers. There are many great ways to bring multimedia to life within WordPress to engage website visitors and convert them into customers.

The best way to incorporate multimedia into your website is by discussing it with an experienced website designer. Your website design and development team will include these essential elements in your professional web design based on your branding.

If you’re looking to create your own WordPress website without a designer, there are some good free template options for you to choose from. Just know that these open source templates can leave you susceptible to security issues or decreased website performance that could limit your ability to rank well on search engines.

Companies that need to add images, videos and audio to their websites can also look to WordPress plugins. There are several good plugins that can provide a way to highlight these items as a portfolio or gallery to bring your business to life.

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WordPress Plugins for Image Galleries, Videos and Audio

Here are the best WordPress plugins for showcasing images, videos and audio. 

  1. Go Portfolio: this plugin supports image files, audio and video from various online hosting services. The plugin is responsive and offers several different styles and layout options to match your website design. The plugin costs a one-time fee of $26.
  2. Portfolio Gallery: if you’re looking for a free plugin to highlight only images and video, this is the plugin for you. Select from 1-4 column layouts and easily add or edit filters on your content. This plugin does not support audio files. 
  3. Grid Kit Portfolio Gallery: is another free option for highlighting images, videos, maps and iFrame content. Other than using an iFrame – which is not the best responsive experience on various device types and could have rendering issues – you can’t use this plugin for audio files. 
  4. Visual Portfolio, Photo Gallery & Posts Grid: offers an outstanding option for highlighting images, video and audio files. This free plugin offers five different styles and loads quickly on any device. Add filters to your files to achieve the final look you want.
  5. Ultra Portfolio: costs $19 but provides some of the most robust layout options and styles to bring your multimedia files to life. You can add animations to the files and rest assured that they’ll look great on any device thanks to the plugin’s responsive design. 
  6. Portfolio Designer: this $39 plugin offers several layout options, more than 50 effects and support for images, video and audio. The simple import and export options make this plugin an outstanding choice for your WordPress website.

Building out a website that best highlights your products and services is essential to driving valuable traffic to your website that converts.

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