Cancel Yelp Ads

How to Cancel Yelp Ads

Not seeing results from Yelp Ads? Here’s how to cancel them and ideas for better ways to spend your marketing budget to gain a higher ROI.

Paid advertising can be a smart way to grow your business. But if you find an ad channel isn’t working for you, canceling will help you reinvest that money into a higher-performing tactic. If you’re looking for information on how to cancel Yelp ads, you’ll find the details here.

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Step-by-step Instructions for Canceling Yelp Ads

Most companies set up and manage their own advertising within Yelp. However, others have a contract with Yelp for their advertising, in which case discontinuing the program requires calling the Customer Success team at 855-380-9357. 

But for most advertisers, canceling Yelp ads is as simple as following these steps.

  1. Open your Yelp for Business page on a desktop or laptop computer by navigating to
  2. Go to your Billing page.
  3. Next to the paid product you want to cancel, click the “Cancel” icon. You can also pause your campaigns from this same page by hitting the “Pause” icon.
  4. The system will take you through a series of prompts walking you through the cancelation.
  5. Navigate back to the Billing page to ensure your cancelation went through.

Signs It Is Time to Cancel Yelp Ads

No matter where you’re running advertising campaigns, you should be monitoring their results carefully to review whether the money is worth the outcome.

Yelp is not the most analytics-heavy platform and only provides insights on clicks and impressions. That means you’ll need to set up some processes for measuring the ads’ effectiveness in other ways.

Track where your website traffic is coming from and whether that traffic leads to sales or leads so you can attribute that to your Yelp ads. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, ask customers how they heard about you and log it somewhere so you can track how many say they found you via Yelp.

Attributing business to Yelp ads is more complex than other marketing channels, which is why your marketing team might recommend testing new tactics and ways of spending your money that provide clearer ROI.

Repurposing Yelp Advertising Dollars

Once you’ve decided to stop Yelp ads and reinvest the money in another form of advertising, you’re likely seeking options for what to do next. Here’s a look at a few ways to spend the money wisely.

1. Invest in Google Ads

When well executed, Google Ads offer a superb ROI. One study found that these ads can deliver an 800 percent ROI or $8 for every $1 you spend on ads. 

Of course, that requires a clear understanding of who your customers are, what they are searching for and how to reach them with effective ad messaging. Like any advertising program, you can’t just set it up and expect the money to start rolling in. Instead, you need to monitor ad performance and make tweaks to the campaign as you learn more about how they are performing.

Update the target keywords as you discover emerging ways consumers are searching for your products or services. Test variations on your ad copy to see what performs best and write custom copy for similar keywords that will resonate well with your audience. 

Monitor your ad quality score to look for ways to optimize your ad and earn the top ad position to beat out your competitors to see an even better ROI. 

Make sure your landing pages are set to track conversions – whether that be a form fill or a sale. That way, it’s easy to track ROI and know what keywords have the best payoff for your ads to further optimize your selections.

The tools and insights Google Ads provide are far superior to Yelp Ads, often making them a better option for most businesses. 

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2. Start a Social Media Ad Campaign

Companies that have a product that is easy to show off in photos and videos find that social ads work well for their needs. Eye-catching products are ideal for social media ads because of the visual nature of the platform.

Targeting these ads is different from Google Ads in that you’ll be aligning your ad to customers’ interests instead of specific searches they are completing. As such, you’ll have to think a little differently when setting up these ads.

Using pixels and additional tracking code, you can often see in-depth metrics for your ads on social platforms. Each platform is a little different, which also presents some challenges for the casual advertiser who doesn’t spend their days setting up these ads. But with time, you’ll start to see similarities and gain a better understanding of how things work.

You’ll have better insights with social media ad campaigns than you did with your Yelp Ads. And if you’re a new business or introducing a product no one has ever seen or even considered before, social media ads are excellent for awareness to help get your product and company out there and begin creating demand for it.

3. Invest in a Long-term Business Growth Strategy

While advertising is great and can provide an outstanding ROI, it does require that you keep your ads running constantly to continue seeing results from the ads. That means you have to keep spending money on the ads as long as you want to keep bringing in new customers.

Investing in a long-term business growth strategy can help you build organic traffic to your website and offer a long-term strategy that pays dividends for years to come. A long-term strategy includes investing in the following tactics.

  1. SEO
  2. Content
  3. Email
  4. Social media

SEO requires careful research and strategy to find ideal keywords that are attainable for your business to rank for. But it’s more than just using keywords. You’ll also need to optimize your website for speed and ensure it’s running on a good platform that is free of excess code. Often, free templates from websites like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix come with extra code that weighs down a website and makes it challenging to optimize.

Content helps support SEO and offers a chance to touch base with customers and remind them of the value you offer. Writing great content that engages your audience will help showcase your expertise and can drive long-term results for your website traffic.

Email marketing supports your website and content marketing strategies. Using email, you can easily reach customers when they need more information to make a buying decision. Mapping your customer buying journey alongside ideal pieces of content that will guide them toward success will be invaluable to your long-term growth strategy.

Social media offers a chance to stay in touch with customers, provide customer support in an easy-to-access location and a friendly environment to interact with customers. It supports your content marketing efforts and is another way you can distribute new content to your customers.

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